The Aqua Zone will be open on May 1st from 11am-7pm. Last tickets sold at 6pm. To save time, please fill out your waivers online before your session starts. Every session starts on the hour so make sure to give yourself an extra 10 minutes.


  • No one is allowed past the Tiki Hut without a life jacket.
  • The Life jackets are for use on the Aqua Zone and docks only.  Please return your life jacket, after use on the Aqua Zone, to the place that you received it.  
  • No climbing, lounging, or running on the docks.
  • All jewelry, shoes and sunglasses must be removed before entering the Aqua Zone or Kid Zone
  • Children must be 37” tall to play on the Kid Zone and 47” tall for the Aqua Zone.  This is for the safety of your child.  The bigger kids will run over them.
  • Aqua Zone Park Tickets will be allowed a park credit under emergency circumstances if requested a minimum of four hours before your session time starts. No money will be refunded, know before you book. Rain Credits issued will hold no cash value. If you don’t call before your session starts, credit will not be issued. 

Beach Rules:

  • Coolers with drinks are allowed on the beach.  No food allowed on beach.  Food attracts geese, seagulls and ants.  We have picnic tables to the left side of the parking lot, across from the restaurant, for our patrons.
  • No glass containers.
  • No footballs, frisbees, or any type of game that could injure a patron are allowed.
  • No smoking on the beach or restaurant area.
  • Please put adult beverages in a concealed container.
  • Do not cross rip rap (Rocky area).
  • No loud or disruptive music.
  • Please dig in sand boat only. No digging on the beach it will uncover RED Clay and mess up the sugar white sand. Please don’t make us have to ask your children not to dig. We have placed huge sandpiles for children and adults to play in. We also built the Sand Boat for you to enjoy.
  • No furry babies allowed on the white beach sand or sod areas at the restaurant. They are allowed on the patio area but must stay off the sod. There is an area designated as a dog friendly relief area with a pet station on the opposite side of the parking lot near the boat landing and near the smoking area.
  • Fees are taken for use of our white sugar sand beach. Beach Time is not Free unless you have purchased Aqua Zone tickets for someone in your party.  Two (2) guests are allowed beach usage at no charge, per each water park ticket purchase. If you bring additional guest, you will be charged an additional fee per adult according to ticket time purchased.  Beach usage time corresponds with the water park ticket purchase time: Example one hour water park ticket = one hour beach time for guest, two hour water park ticket = two hour beach time for accompanying guest, half day = half day and so forth. Additional beach time and water park time can be purchased if you want additional time as long as time slots are not filled. Your paid purchase price will be applied to extra time purchased. We want you to enjoy your time, be kind, stay safe, and have fun! Make lots of memories, leave only footprints. Remove everything else including your trash. although we have a lost and found, we are not responsible for anything you leave at the beach. No refunds will be given for beach time due to rain or rain delays! If lightning is detected within ten miles, we pull everyone out of the water no exceptions. We will wait 10 minutes, recheck, if the lightning gets closer the park is closed if determined necessary for the safety of guest.