Aqua Zone and Boardwalk Rules:

  • The Aqua Zone will be closed for security check and lifeguard break between the hours of 12 pm-1 pm and 3 pm-4pm daily.
  • No one is allowed past the Tiki Hut without a life jacket.
  • Always return your life jacket to the place that you received it.
  • No climbing, lounging, or running on the docks.
  • All jewelry, shoes and sunglasses must be removed before entering the Aqua Zone or Kid Zone
  • Children must be 37” tall to play on the Kid Zone and 47” tall for the Aqua Zone.  This is for the safety of your child.  The bigger kids will run over them.
  • Refunds can be approved 24 hours in advance.

Beach Rules:

  • No coolers on the beach.
  • No glass containers.
  • No footballs, frisbees, or any type of game that could injure a patron are allowed.
  • No smoking.
  • Please put adult beverages in a concealed container.
  • Do not cross rip rap (Rocky area).
  • No loud or disruptive music.
  • Please dig in sand boats only.
  • No dogs allowed on the beach or sod areas.
  • 2 guests per Aqua Zone or Kid Zone guest are allowed beach use at no charge for the amount on time equal to the Zone pass.  
  • No dogs are allowed on the beach or sod area.